Ginger-Garlic-Paste-SmallDelhi: APIS India, the largest producer, distributor and exporter of quality honey has forayed into a new product category; it’s the multi-functional Indian cooking essential – the all new Vedic Kitchen Ginger Garlic Paste. Packing in the goodness of fresh ginger and garlic, this paste is minimally filtered to provide maximum nutrients and pleasant aromatic flavors.

It is often noticed that store bought ginger-garlic paste lacks flavours and come loaded with preservatives. However, the Vedic Kitchen Ginger Garlic Paste is made the traditional way using fresh ginger and garlic in equal measure, pounded to perfection. This way, APIS India ensures that the paste comes to you in its purest form – replete with all its little-known therapeutic uses and health benefits,

Offering the pure flavour of Ginger Garlic, the Vedic Kitchen Ginger Garlic Paste is available in 30 gram packs priced at Rs 5 currently in the market. APIS India will soon be announcing the attractive Aroma Seal Pack and Zero Wastage packs of Vedic Kitchen Ginger Garlic Paste in 300 gram& 500 gram  for its customers.

APIS India has been a pioneer in honey production in India and internationally. And now for the discerning and health conscious Indian customers, APIS Himalaya offers flavoursome and aromatic ginger garlic paste.

Mr. Amit Anand, Joint MD, APIS India says “By introducing Vedic Kitchen Ginger Garlic Paste, we aim to provide a pure and aromatic convenience to numerous households making various cuisines. This paste is indispensable for Indian cooking and the fact that it saves time, energy and offers multiple benefits makes it a great buy.”

Availability: The 30 gram packs are available Pan India in all the leading Departmental stores, Grocery Stores and Kirana stores. And the 300 gram & 500 gram will be available at the retails oulets and modern trade: Aditya Birla retail, Spencer, Hyper city, Spar hyper market, Nilgiris, Ushodaya, Ratan deep, Vishal Mega mart, Mk retail, Sarvna and  Namdhari; Kendriya Bhandar to name a few. Apart from these big chain stores the product is also available in Andhra Pradesh; Telengana; Karnataka; Tamil Nadu; Maharashtra; Uttar Pradesh; Delhi; Rajasthan; Haryana in local grocer level. The company is on an aggressive placement drive for the product.