Contributory article for Mr. Vinay Sanghi, Founder CEO, Topic on: Women buyers rev up Indian car market-

  Till the year 2000, the automobile market had projected itself as a male bastion with women accounting for just three per cent of the ownership of cars. It...
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Livpure launches Livpure Envy+ RO Water Purifier with ‘High 2000 TDS Controller’ known for converting the hardest water into soft & pure drinking water

One of the biggest challenges faced in the Semi Urban cities in the country today is the availability of pure drinking water. Available water is mostly hard in nature...
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Angel Investors funded Firstouch, in talks with PE/VC Funds for Series A investment to aid future Expansion

Seed Funded MoFirst founded by three IIT alumni, who have been in news for launching World’s First Regional Smartphone FIRSTOUCH, the only Smartphone which can translate & transliterate Indian...
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