05New Delhi: Mamagoto, winner of the Critic’s Choice Awards by Vir Sanghvi, Eazy Diner and Best Standalone Oriental Restaurant 2016, launches “creative things to eat” initiative with a brand new direction and enthusiasm.

Going forward with their philosophy of food, fun, taste and innovation, this initiative takes its muse from Mamagoto’s creative consumers and offers new menus that are refreshingly bold yet hassle free. Creative people need creative food and in sync with this aphorism, Mamagoto presents series one featuring Asian tacos titled “TAH-KOH”, a first for any restaurant in India.

“We’ve always believed that at Mamagoto, our consumers have constantly been an integral part of our journey over the span of 7 years,” said Rahul Khanna, Co-Director at Azure Hospitality. “With this new initiative, we aim to push the possibilities of how our consumers perceive and eat Asian food. With “creative things to eat”, Mamagoto’s series of new menus will stage a special spotlight on different tastes, textures and pairings that are not available elsewhere. We express it as Taste Discovery.

There are some dishes which challenge the traditional perceptions of Oriental /Pan Asian food and thus are considered to be “Modern Asian” i.e. dishes which take ingredients often found in As​ia but use recipes and techniques to cook that are not necessarily Asian. This series aims to take Asian food further, with raging creativity and unique ingredient pairings. Taco Time will feature an innovative way to savour the Asian flavors you love. The menu focuses on new palates, newly engineered tastes and takes patrons on a culinary adventure with a blend of interesting flavours.

The zestful TAH-KOH menu offers a variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices. The soft shell non-vegetarian tacos features dishes namely Porky which comes with intense fillings of pork belly served with plum sauce, green apple and micro greens, Smoky that has crispy smoked chicken with green chilli mayo, goat cheese and salsa, Ducky,crispy duck with plum sauce, cucumber and spring onions Prawny which is a panko encrusted fried prawn and Craby, a soft shell crispy crab both served with chilli mayo, pickles, Japanese barbecue sauce and spring onions. The Vegetarian selection is equally innovative ranging from Cheesy: Panko encrusted goat cheese, mango sauce, kimchi, mint and micro greens. Tofuish is tofu Korean barbecue sauce served with green chill mayo, taco sauce and cream cheese. The menu has specially curated Crispy Flatbread section, which comes in two savoury options which are Flat Veggie that include Artichoke, sliced radish with a mango sauce and Mushroomy which comprises of mixed mushroom, blue cheese, truffle oil, finely chopped, green chilli, kimchi and pickled cucumber.                                                                                                                                                           BEST EVENT / PAGE 3 PHOTOGRAPHER IN DELHI & NCR

The TAH-KOH menu is a surprise of tastes, created from unique and exciting flavours, which pairs perfectly well with exotic concoctions available in the extensive bar menu. Mamagoto invites its patrons to come and enjoy a relaxed time with its quirky new menu to beat the summer heat.