Mumbai, July 22nd, 2016

In consonance with its avowed objective of providing healthcare services at home, Care24, a leading home healthcare service provider announces today that it has launched cancer care services available to patients affected by cancer at their homes.  The start of cancer care at home is unprecedented and exceptional in the Indian medical history.

Announcing the launch, Mr Mathieu Morand, VP Chronic Care, Care24 told media persons,” We are always committed to providing cost effective, comfortable and curative services to patients suffering from various diseases. As a step forward, we are proud to launch our ‘Cancer Care Service’ which will be managed right at their homes. We are sure that this will not only enable many cancer patients to fight the cancer menace coolly and bravely but also help them emerge from the scourge triumphantly. We are committed to participating in a collective effort to increase cancer survival rate.”

Timely Initiative

Cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths in India, which has nearly three million patients suffering from the disease. Annually, over half a million (about 5.5 lakh) people die of cancer in India. The WHO said this number is expected to rise to 700,000 by 2015-16. Experts say the incidence of the Cancer is projected to grow five-fold by 2025. However, several cancers are treatable, and the survival rate among common cancer patients does see a rise.

Many cancers are curable, but treatment does affect the patient’s quality of life and impacts the family and other carers. With the right care and support, it is possible to smoothen the treatment experience for both the patient and family. Cancer patients have very specific needs for recovery and attention. To meet growing challenges posed by cancer, Care 24 has launched cancer care which is available at a cancer patient’s home. Now they no longer need to worry as Care 24 is there to take care of the hapless cancer patients and give them not only hope but also longevity.

Services Offered

Care 24 offers an array of Cancer Care Services. They include:

Rehabilitative, palliative and supportive care dedicated to cancer patients’ needs, being at post-surgery stage, during chemotherapy, for survivorship support or to make end of life as comfortable as possible. Onco-nurses will be at hand under the supervision of trained physicians and consulting experts.


Care 24 dedicated team ensures holding the hand of cancer patients and their family during the whole journey from diagnosis onward. The coaching focuses on

– Diagnosis & Treatment Protocol

– Stress Management Techniques & Emotional Support

– Side Effect Counselling

– Accompanying The Treatment Step-By-Step

– Coordination & Information On Available Resources

– Advice On Lifestyle Decisions

Dedicated Team

Care24 has built a dedicated team of Palliative Physicians, Experienced Nurses and Cancer Coaches bringing in decades of experience in cancer treatment. The Palliative Physicians ensure the strict adherence to protocols prescribed by the medical consultants. The collaboration with palliative experts enables them carefully to monitor the side effects on the patients. The Cancer Coaches with several years of relevant experience with cancer patients are also well versed with stress management and provide relevant research reports and information to patient and family on timely basis. They have shown exceptional abilities to relate and accompany the cancer patient in their arduous journey and make them feel less vulnerable and more secure.

The oncology nurses have specialisation in different cancer types, stages and treatment protocols. They have undergone intense training in latest care delivery techniques and strict evaluations which ensure that that they are well equipped to administer cancer patients from day one. As the cancer patient’s mental strength increases his capacity to combat cancer effectively also rises paving approach to early recovery.

Care 24 Advantages

  • Cancer Treatment Available At Patient’s Home

  • Dedicated Team of Oncologists

  • Qualified Doctors, Experienced Nurses

  • Service Available 24×7

  • Tie-up With Best Hospitals

  • Service Incredibly Economical.

All Cancer Care services rendered by Care24 Team are done with strict compliance and utmost confidentiality as per laws of the state of Maharashtra. This means under no circumstances it will share information regarding cancer care unless specifically requested by the concerned patient. Care 24’s staff are extensively trained to this effect and uphold this high standard within the letter and spirit of the law.