New Delhi, July 2016: Monsoon is one season in India that everyone eagerly waits for. Apart from the beautiful rain-soaked weather, monsoon also brings along some lip-smacking food. The smell of the wet soil, overshadow of dark cloud on a shining day makes one crave for hot baked vada pavs along with a cup of hot tea. Foodhall, India’s premium lifestyle food superstore, has an answer to all your monsoon cravings. It is celebrating Monsoon Delights Festival starting from 7th July,2016 to 5th Aug,2016.

Get ready to enjoy the monsoon at Foodhall with a wide range of piping hot bowls of soups like Truffle Shiitake Mushroom Soup, Roasted Red Pepper Soup, Mexican Chicken Gumbo and Seafood Bisque. You can complement your soup atthe dim sumstation witha variety of dim sums like Spinach & Water Chestnut dim sum, Carrot & Truffle dumpling and Triple Mushroom HarGow. The newest addition to the store is the pommefrite bar, complete with dips like Wasabi Mayo, Chipotle Sour Cream, Parmesan &Peppercorn, Peri-Peri Sour Cream and SambalOelek.

Foodhall adds some enticing desserts to its bakery & patisserie menu this month. It has introduced Cronuts, a croissant-donut hybrid rolled in cinnamon sugar and served warm. Other new additions include a “on the go desserts” menu which has Chocolate Fondant, Crème Caramel, Bread &Butter Pudding and Apple Crumble.

The live kitchen at Foodhall is offering novel delights with the chatpata flavours of Indian street foods such as Inverted Vada Pav, Chola Kulcha Bun, Paneer Makhani Bun that can be paired with piping hot Kashmiri Kahwa, Matka Chai or a cup of coffee. Foodhall brings to you a perfect marriage of traditional recipes and modern flavors!It has also introduced monsoon special beverages that includes like Matcha Cinnamon Tea Latte with almond milk and Foodhall’s version of Haldi Doodh called Golden Milk.

The House of Tea section at Foodhall has a wide array of flavored teas and tea blends perfect for the monsoons. Teas like Maharaja, Apple Oolong and Mango Tea are the best during this season. These teas are set up in a kulhad or matka accompanied with mini savory options which acts as a palate refresher.

Now, you know where to head to this monsoon for some amazing monsoon delights!