0816th July, New Delhi- Dr Laurent Layani, world renowned bariatic surgeon from Australia is available on 16th July 2015, New Delhi at Pal Mohan Bhawan, 66 A/ 2, New Rohtak Road, New Delhi. He will be accompanied by Dr Arush Sabhwarwal, Chairman of Surgical Center for Obesity and Diabetes. Dr Laurent Layani was the head surgeon for Weight Loss Solutions Australia (WLSA) at John Flynn Private Hospital in Queensland, Australia and is currently the head of bariatric in Fujairah with the Government of UAE and has been in private practice for over 12 years and visiting faculty at SCOD. He started his formal training in laparoscopic surgery in France (1994). Since being admitted to the Royal Australian College of Surgeons in 1998, he has been honoured by numerous national and international institutions for his role as an educator and facilitator for new developments in bariatric surgery. He is currently a major contributor to research being done in the US regarding new surgical treatments for obesity.

His WLSA multidisciplinary model for onsite assessment, care, and support is the hallmark standard for pre and post-operative clinical management of a bariatric patient. His centre of excellence approach to the treatment of obesity and co-morbid complications is a major factor in his extremely low complication rates and positive patient outcomes.

To date, Dr Layani has done close to 10,000 bariatric procedures, including Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding (LAGB), Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG), and Gastric Bypass (GB). Whilst LAGB remains the most commonly performed procedure in Australia, Dr Layani has been at the forefront of the VSG revolution in Australia. His decision to perform VSG as a primary bariatric procedure for failed gastric band at John Flynn Private Hospital in Queensland started about 7 years ago and he has since gone on to perform around 800 of these procedures, including about 120 revision procedures (LAGB to VSG, Open Stapling to VSG, and Lap Bypass following VSG).

Over the last two years, Dr Layani has applied Seamguard for reinforcement on every patient undergoing VSG, either as a primary operation or revision procedure. The outcome has been incredibly positive, with no leaks from the staple line since introducing Seamguard to the procedure.

Dr Layani has contributed towards many research papers and journals. He presents regularly both Australia and internationally, particularly on topics and techniques associated with bariatric surgery: an area he has ongoing commitment to regarding new developments and research. Dr Layani is a valuable resource to medical departments at Griffith University and Bond University in Queensland, Australia and provides ongoing training to a number of medical students every year.