Kathak duet Vidha  & Abhimanyu Lal

Kathak duet Vidha & Abhimanyu Lal

21st September
From 6.30 pm onwards
At Kamani Auditorium
Kathak exponent Vidha Lal presents Colours of Fire- A Kathak Group Choreography by Kathak Duet Vidha Lal & Abhimanyu Lal on 21st September 2104 at Kamani Auditorium. Fire……agni, is the most illuminating and the alluring element out of the five building blocks of nature. Like every sustaining particle on earth, it has its own boon and bane. As boon, its presence instills a feeling of auspiciousness, warmth, creativity and energy. On the same front, it also carries some strings of bane. It is always said that, ” too much of anything is always harmful.” you ignite the fire a bit too much and it is all set to consume you.  If it provides light for the vision, it can also take away the vision itself. Inspired by these natural nuances of fire, the choreographer Kathak Duet Vidha & Abhimanyu Lal brings forth the different colours of fire, depicting its different moods and meanings. The choreography is bloomed up by invoking the vibrations of fire with the agni gayatri mantra and agni suktam from rig veda.
It is hard to name the colour of fire in one single attempt, as it is not a single colour. But, it is the outcome of many colours. Here, is how the choreographer attempts to distinctly introduce the different colours of fire-   yellow, orange, red , black and then fuse them together to create a bang of energy.
About Vidha Lal
Vidha Lal, a multi-faceted Kathak exponent is a disciple and daughter-in-law of renowned guru and Sangeet Natak Akademy awardee Smt. Geetanjali Lal of Jaipur gharana. Vidha has emerged as a rising star in the field of Kathak. She is an empanelled artist of Indian council for cultural relations (ICCR) and ‘a’ graded artist from Delhi Doordarshan. Vidha has earned great acclaim in the media and from connoisseurs for her brilliant solo performances in India and abroad. She has received Sri Krishana Gana Sabha endowment award 2010, Chennai. Made a Guinness world record for taking most numbers of Kathak spins (103) in one minute in 2011. Nrityajayantika award, 8thDevdasi National Award2013, KalpanaChawala excellence award 2013. Shri Jaidev Rashtriya Yuva Pratibha Puraskar 2014
About Abhimanyu Lal
Abhimanyu Lal, son and disciple of renowned guru Smt. Geetanjali lal is recognized as one of the most accomplished Kathak dancers. The splendour of his brilliant solo performance has earned him applause both in India and other parts of the world. Hailed as a bright star in the firmament of Kathak, Abhimanyu has received acclaim as a dazzling dancer by the media and connoisseurs of arts. He has been awarded Shri Krishana Gana Sabha endowment award and Nritya Jayantika award. He has performed at the highest level in India and abroad in many prestigious dance festivals like Sydney dance festival at Seymour centre-Australia 2014, 64th Indian republic day celebration in Dubai 2013, LondonOlympics 2012, Vienna, Graz, Singapore, Birmingham international dance festival, incredibleIndia @60 New York, India festival in Russia, Croatia, Oslo, Netherlands, Canada, Egypt, Switzerland, Fiji islands, Mauritius, reunion island, Seychelles, south Africa etc.