02It’s that time of the year where you can be a kid again and unleash the fun side of you. With monsoon’s arrival, the smell of the mud surrounds you and the urge to get wet in the rain outside your home or on your terrace is on a high. The kid inside you awakes and waits for the moment that you can go out and take joy in rain just like you did in your childhood days.  This monsoon season, live it up with a fashionable yet comfortable pair of footwear from CROCS.  In this weather, you don’t want to be slipping on your way out and abash yourself or depredate your pretty and expensive shoes that are not water- proof.

The Crocs footwear are designed especially to keep you stylish and guarding your feet and you while you enjoy that rain. The collection features footwear fit for the long gratifying monsoon that lies ahead and other weathers.

CROCS are made of the water resistant material with cushion like support inside to give that vital comfortable feel to your feet. They are easy to maintain and can be cleaned with just water and soap. With its availability in a wide range of colors, keep your wardrobe updated with the matching pairs and different styles this monsoon.