A man was traveling by ship 🚢. One night there was a storm and the ship wrecked! Later, the man found himself isolated on an island 🌴. He felt devastated and disgusted and  started cursing God for putting him in trouble and then started looking for food!

These were very hot days with harsh and scorching sun, making life miserable on such a dry and deserted island!

After couple of weeks of suffering alone on the island, he had lost all hope and started praying to God! He even built a small hut made out of dried leaves and sticks.

On such a scorching day he stepped out for food but couldn’t find any and came back hungry and tired. With loss of all hopes, he felt like dying as he saw his hut burning. It caught fire due to harsh sun!

Now, he lost every shred of hope and started crying and cursing God for his plight! That night again he had to sleep out under the sky!

Next morning , he woke to a sound of hooter and saw a ship coming towards the island! The smoke 💨 ,due to fire, sent the signal and ship came to rescue him!

He was happy and started dancing with joy!

At times, we might feel stuck in a situation, lonely and disgusted! But we must try work hard towards our better tomorrow!

We must build our own hut and God must burn it! Don’t curse God or your fate!

As it’s the signal that even a bigger ship will arrive to rescue u from the situation. Never lose hope as an opportunity might be waiting for u on the other side of hill!

All you need to do is to Keep Walking!!


Avinash Srivastava