03Puri, 5 May, 2016: Lords Country Cordiality Pvt. Ltd. brings s real estate cum hospitality concept “The Lords country”. This unprecedented concept has brought an innovative way of living for the visitors in Puri, Odisha. This destination gives the chance to bond with the spirituality and also takes special care of aging parents during stay. Like lord Jagannath this place gives shelter and peace and also gives the chance to bond with oneness of the pious destination. Other than this, the property meets the three star specifications. This helps in generating high income for buyers.

The Lords Country is a stilt plus six-storied property and will incorporate all amenities those are necessary to extend three star standard hospitality. The Lords Country will have every facility to bond family together. It will also house one restaurant to honour parents stay for spiritualism. Every aspect of a feel-good stay would be taken care of by “The Lord’s Country”.

It is not that difficult to reach here. It is just a morning walk distance from the Lord Jaggannath temple. Approximately, it is two and half kilometers away from the famous ShamukaBeach near Puri. To be precise about the distance it would be better to say that it comes on your way to The Alarnath of Brahmagiri who is worshiped as the lord himself. This happens to be the place between Snana yatra to the Nava Youvan Darshan Utsav just before Shri Gundicha Yatra.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 BEST EVENT / PAGE 3 PHOTOGRAPHER IN DELHI & NCR


The “country” holds a special tourism area of Puri, which covers an area of three thousand acres. The Shamuka location has unparallel natural beauty, which is speeded across 2000 acres of land. This offers huge boost to the tourism related projects such as hotels and resorts. Then state government of Odisha has taken the initiative to develop the Shamuka beach area near Puri. It is going to give huge luxurious living standards to the tourists. This destination is going to be ideal for the tourist to relax on the lap of beautiful bio diversity. For knowing more about it you can visit Thelordscountry.com. The tourism products for development at Shamuka beach includes various aspects such as resorts, 5 star hotels, spa, international convention centre, golf course and many more.