01ENCRAFT’s new low threshold uPVC doors for all types of properties are a blend of innovation and tender care for our safety at home. Suitable for single or double door options, the new ergonomically-tested threshold reduces the step height from 52mm to 25mm, one of the lowest effective heights in the industry. The threshold not only ensures that the step for everyone is as small as possible; it also cares the disabled, elderly and persons moving onwheelchairs and children being pushed in pushchairs. It can be used with any type of flooring, be it carpeted, tiled or wooden floors. Non-slip inserts in thesliding door threshold ensure a safe grip in wet conditions.

A door threshold helps stop rain water and wind from sneaking in at the bottom of your door. Depending on the door style, a threshold also provides a place for the door’s locking mechanism to lock into, keeping the door strong and robust at the bottom end. This is an important feature to keep burglars from trying to prise the door open.

Low thresholds play an essential part in avoiding trip hazards. Low threshold doors makes it suitable for use where improved access is required and space restrictions make a sliding door the only practical solution. By reducing the step height from 52mm to 25mm, the new threshold makes access simpler for wheelchair users, parents with pushchairs, those who use walking aids and for mobility scooters.

ENCRAFT doors are available in two threshold options which are suitable for different applications. The sliding door comes with the standard threshold with a height of 52mm or a low threshold with a height of 25 mm. The casement door comes with the standard threshold options of 50mm and 62mm, but these doors are also available without any threshold. You can choose the right threshold for your door as per your requirement that will ensure you are happy with your choice for years to come.