If you are creative and have worked with numerous tools with great proficiency, it is a wonderful thing. But there are some skills that are not related to designing and are equally important. This article will highlight some of those skills.

Most of you designers have gone a long distance to acquire the skills that have made you quite efficient in designing for different platforms. There is one small misconception among designers that there designing skills is enough to move up successfully in an organisation. Unfortunately that is far from the truth. Your creativity and designing skills are only complete with other skills that will complement them and affect your overall success. It will also open an avenue for a wide range of job opportunities in designing.

Your portfolio provides only half the picture of what you can achieve. When you become a professional designer dealing with clients and their requirements, you will need more than just designing skills to make them believe that you are the right person for the job. Also, these non-design skills will help you to stay afloat in the professional world of competition. Following are some of the non-design skills that every designer should have:

Communication Skills

 As a good designer it is important that you communicate through your designs; but as a professional designer you also need to communicate your ideas and thoughts verbally as well as written. So, it is very important that you have good communication skills to clearly communicate your ideas and design strategy to the clients and the managers. If you are weak in communication skills, you can always take the help of online learning courses. Having a good communication will also surely give you an advantage during job interviews.

 Client relations skills

 Handling clients is one of the toughest things to do and everyone who has ever handled clients would say it is very difficult to satisfy them. As a designer you might have to give your ideas or present them on what you are going to design for them. The client might not be able to clearly say what they want but if you know about the client, you may able to suggest them. So, it is very important to have good client relations skills. Also never hasten to start the project without making anything clear and drawing out a contract.

 Marketing skills

 If you are designing something for a specific audience, you should always think about the audience and not about what you want. Designers are like artists, that is true but you are professionals as well and thus, need to think more on the line of sales. Thus, it does not always solely depend on how unique and creative your designs are but how it is going to produce an effect on the audience. In other words, you have to have good marketing skills as well.

Project management skills

When you are working in an organisation, there will be various projects. Sometimes you will be working in more than one project and you need to handle all of them efficiently. Good project management skills will help you to effectively juggle between projects without affecting the deadline of the projects. Also, if you want to move up the ladder of success and become a manager, project management skills will be a first step towards that direction.

Listening and understanding skills

Sometimes you have to stop thinking about what your work will look in your portfolio and listen to what your client wants. Listening and understanding what your clients want are important skills for a designer to transform the client’s requirements into perfect designs.

 Research and planning skills

 It requires a lot of research and planning to combine your creativity with that of the client’s requirements. Without proper planning it will be difficult to formulate a strategy for the project you are working on. If you happen to be a freelance designer and working on multiple projects, you will need to plan your projects so as to maintain the level of quality and also meet the deadlines.

 Entrepreneurship skills for freelance designers

 Being a freelance designer is not easy no matter how much creativity and designing software tools you have. One needs to have an entrepreneurial mindset to survive and with a creative mind which is common among good designers, this should not be any problem. You can find various innovative ways to make money from being a freelance designer. Keep up to date with the world of designing and hit the target whenever you glimpse any opportunity.

The Bottom Line

Do not get intimidated by the list of skills mentioned above. These are skills which you can pick up fast and easily. It just needs a little bit of interest from your part and you can expect to get these skills in no time.

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