Charcoal grill is the signature product of Weber, originated and invented by George Stephen back in 1950s which is essentially the ‘Covered Grilling’ idea. The traditional kettle shape design with steel and coated with porcelain enamel modern materials, Closed-lid cooking is a signature design with rust-resistant aluminium damper for proper airflow and complete heat control. Heavy-duty plated steel made grates are durable, easy to clean and lock in heat; the charcoal grill is also equipped with a One-touch Cleaning System, preventing the build-up of ashes that blocks vents and suffocates the fire and easy ash disposal and cleaning. Charcoal range also has the portable grills which are perfect match for travellers who wish to go for frequent picnics, outing, hiking etc.Priced at Rs 24,995 it is available across all the Weber Stores