From your Grandma’s old rocking chair that you all gathered around for stories in summer, mother’s closest confidant- a sturdy wardrobe that was her wedding gift, Dad’s old bookcase that still stores his comics to many other priceless moments and possessions’ Pepperfry, India’s No.1 furniture and home products marketplace will now help you preserve these cherished memories and reinstate your heritage furniture to its original form.

Furniture Restoration is a unique service for both connoisseurs of antique furniture and for those who value the emotions and memories attached to furniture pieces passed down the generations. A first-of-its kind furniture conservation initiative extended by a home and furniture company in the country we recognize that most of you have an emotional value attached to your antique furniture. We share your passion towards preserving great furniture designs and “Furniture Restoration” has been especially introduced initiative for all furniture enthusiasts across the country.

Our service covers- repair, conservation and finish restoration.  We will undertake physical structural replacement, or reinforcement of furniture parts, help preserve the original finish & materials, and enable re-emulsification the original finish.

While your furniture pieces may have been through the ravages of time through our Furniture Restoration Initiative we will help you breathe a new life into these cherished pieces of memory. So sit back and let us take care of your precious possessions.