New Delhi, 25 July, 2016: Hero Cycles doesn’t just make bikes. The world biggest manufacturer of this environment-friendly two-wheeler is also into promoting physical fitness and healthy lifestyle. “And what better way of staying fit than cycling and where better to begin than at home, said Pankaj Munjal, Managing Director  Hero Cycles, flagging off a 8 km race organized exclusively for the company’s employees in Ludhiana.

The aim was to motivate employees to adopt cycling as part of healthy living. Eighty-five Hero employees participated in the cycle race held on the July 10, 2016. The 8-km race was kicked off at Sidhwan Canal Bridgeon Ferozpur road in Ludhiana.

At the end of it, winners were given a token sum as prize money. The 1st prize was of Rs 2100, the 2ndof Rs1500 and the 3rd of Rs 1100.  There were 11 consolation prizes as well ofRs 500 each.  “It’s not the money, the early morning physical fest we organized, enthused employees, generated a sense of camaraderie and brought on a rush of adrenalin in their veins, “ said Mr Pankaj Munjal, Chairman and Managing Director, Hero Cycles.

Cycling is the easiest and cheapest way to increase bones and muscles strength, build stamina, get more oxygen into your lungs, burn calories and stay fit. “We wanted to bring home this consciousness amongst our employees whose health we value, says Mr. Munjal  “We also want to impress upon our employees that what they selling is not a cycle or means of transport, but the most cost-effective way staying fit and healthy.  This realization will help them stay motivated and take greater pride in their work.

Research shows that cycling is a great stress- reliever and who in this day and age, can claim that he has no stress!