04Cafe Dalal Street (CDS) is a new trading bull in town in the restaurant business. This restaurant is based on the novel concept of stock exchanges.  A concept is based on the modus operandi of a stock exchange, wherein the thrill of trading is palpable albeit through cocktails and not shares. True to its name CDS has screens all over the pub where one can see the prices of drinks going up and down and then customers can invest/order directly from the in-house application available on the play store.

Zeaside, in its journey along the Southern Coast, continues the effort to promote the known and unknown delights from the kitchens of homes, communities and local eateries of the Deccan Peninsula through Caterings, Pop-Ups, Coastal Journeys and more.

Cafe Dalal Street, an unique concept on its own, now hosts Zeaside’s first Pop-Up appearance in a restraint with an aim for people to get a taste of the homely delights of the southern coast.  Prohibition & Politics apart, Toddy Shops in Kerala are legendary, here today, gone tomorrow but they live on.

Along with the ‘Chai Kadas’ (tea shops) spread along the entire Deccan Peninsula, these little eateries have contributed immensely to the cuisine of these regions.

Check it out at Zeaside @ Cafe Dalal Street!

Keeping in mind the concept of Cafe Dalal Street, Zeaside Pops-Up with a Toddy Shop Evening from 22nd to 24th April